Posts & Beams

- Our Scandinavian Full-Scribe style of log home features massive wood structures, large logs in their original shape plus unique handcrafted corners and wall extensions. We produce all the log work, called a "kit." Your choice of general contractors completes the construction of your home using standard building materials and techniques, with our consultation included in our price.
- Our log kit is your complete log structure prefabricated at our site in La Conception, shipped and reassembled on your foundation. It includes the log walls, a cathedral roof support system, log floor joists for the second floor, flashing at the sill, fiberglass insulation between the logs, fastening keys for all windows and doors, and, all the special cuts in logs to receive electrical outlets, the kitchen installation or standard inside walls/partitions.

Our Post and Beam kits feature massive wood structures with uniquely designed trusses. Each kit is prefabricated on our site, then shipped and assembled on your site. Our kit includes all the timber required in your specific plans.

We specialize in conceiving and producing custom home designs, working at every step with your ideas and desires. We can produce finished architectural drawings you can submit to your local municipality for building permits, either from our discussions with you, or, from your sketches or existing plans. If you have an architect, we can produce sketches to allow them to produce the finished drawing.

We have a catalog of sixteen log home plans to stimulate your own ideas